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Making women feel beautiful in their own skin

Having collectively touched thousands of faces of all ages, colors, and hair types, our team of award-winning Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists take pride in both making everyone feel their most beautiful as well as setting a happy and fun tone on wedding day morning

*Kind of important as the first vendor you will see on wedding day

What to Expect When Working With Us

From eye shadow colors to false lashes we will make suggestions based on your skin tone, eye shape, hair texture and most importantly personal style, when we do, we always share the reasons why.


We are open to feedback, encourage and ask for it. No awkward conversations here! Thicker liner? Softer on the blush? We make sure to tweak the look should it be NECESSARY.

Genuine Care

Hair and makeup preferences are really personal, we understand. If grandma wants auburn eyebrow pencil although she is fully silver haired, even if it wouldn’t be our first choice of color, we will please her and do it with a smile.


We build a custom beauty timeline for your wedding day so we can keep your tribe on track with time.


We’ve blow dried Moms’ dress after mimosa spilled on it, cut an endless amount of dress straps with our lash scissors and even sang baby shark to get the flower girl to smile for the photographer, we help in any way we can to make your day smoother.

Above + Beyond Service

Beyond just talent, our positive and fun vibes are exactly what every bride needs to set the tone for an amazing day.

Good Juju

lead hair + makeup artist

Meet the Founder, Gia Despo

Meet the Founder, Gia

Straight out of high school from the DR, I moved to New York at 18 and started a temporary job in a retail store as holiday help in the clothing department. “I think you’d be a good fit in cosmetics” said my department manager to me one day, not knowing those words would change my path forever. I introduced myself to the Cosmetic Manager shortly after and started working behind the Estee Lauder counter with no experience. Here began my love for making women feel beautiful.

2005: From cleaning fitting rooms to applying lipstick

I continued my retail career through college and became a trainer with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics after a move to sunny Miami. I worked in over 20 locations across South FL and began coaching, training, and developing other artists. I was trained by senior Artists who worked side by side with Bobbi herself and even got to meet her on multiple occasions. Working for Bobbi, a pioneer in the “natural look” greatly influenced my aesthetic. 

The internet happened and the retail world as we knew it got flipped upside down, I was no longer happy. On the day I quit my job my boss and I cried, fixed our makeup, and cried again. We went to lunch, “We’ll have two glasses of Prosecco, we have something to celebrate” she told the waitress, this moment meant more to me than she will ever know. 2017 marked the end of a 12-year career in retail and the beginning of Gia Despo Hair + Makeup.

2012: My love for natural make up is born

2017: I quit my job to start my own company

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